Sunday, March 4, 2012


This weekend I was dressed all weekend!  I felt so femmey all weekend.  Friday when I got home from work, I took a long hot bubblebath and completely shaved.  I glass of wine, candles, and music set the mood.  After the relaxing bath, I painted my finger and toe nails in a hot pink color.  I put on a set of white cotton panties and bra.  I then put on a pair of short shorts and a tight tank top.  I did some light reading and made a light dinner.

After dinner was over, I put on complete make-up with brite red lipstick. I chose a hot red shoulder length wig and changed into a black lace bra and black lace thong, black thigh high stockings, and a short black cocktail dress. I chose a 5" black pair of pumps to show my sexy legs off.

I put an add on Craigslist, to look for a date, with a picture of myself in my black outfit.  I was so excited and so horny!  I had several hits on the add, and several emails later, unfortunately, all turned out to be fakers, just looking for pics.  Anyway, since I was all made up, and so horny, I decided to go online and play.

I found alot of fun on my favorite site, Club Sissy, and played with several gurls and guys.  I cammed with a specially hot gurl, and we had so much fun.  We both had a lot of toys to play with, and imagined we were sissy lezzie lovers. When we both came together, we both swallowed all of our sweet load.  I felt so much like a slutty lezzie lover.

When it was time for bed, I changed into a pink babydoll nightie and went to bed.  I woke up the next morning with my sissy clit very hard.  I took care of it in bed and of course swallowed my load.  mmmmm breakfast of sissy champions!

I put on a tight workout bra top and tight shorts, and hit the treadmill.  Gotta keep my girlie figure.  after a great workout I took a quick shower, and reshaved.  I put on my cotton bra and panties and a femmy sweat suit. I cleaned my house and watched some TV. 

I went online and set up a date with another Tgurl for the night.  I was so excited because I know how fun the date is gonna be. I've been with this gurl before, and WOW!!!

Details on date, next post......

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Day in The Life......

    I wake up early, usually around 7 am.  I will put on some tight workout shorts, a workout tee, and running shoes.  After 45 mins. on the treadmill and a light breakfast,  I draw a  hot bubble bath.  Soft music and candles help set the relaxing mood.  I will just relax for about ten minutes, so all my stresses can leave my body (and any manly thoughts).  I then shave my entire body completely smooth, this feels sooo good.  My femininity really starts to kick in right about now.  After a very relaxing bubble bath, I moisturize my entire smooth body and lightly apply some perfume (Obsession is my favorite).
    I enter my bedroom where I have laid out the lingerie I will be wearing for the day.  If I have errands to run during the day, I will only put on my panties and wear my boy clothes outside.  When my errands are done and I return home,  I will put on a matching bra and panty set.  I will usually wear a pair of short, shorts and a tight tank top during the day, with a pair of wedge sandals. I will do some light housecleaning and prepare my dinner meal.  I also will do some reading and watch some TV during the day.
    When night comes, it is when all the fun starts.  I pick out my sexiest bra and panties and some thigh high stockings.  I also will choose my sluttiest short, tight dress.  After all my clothes are chosen, I turn on some sexy music and head into my bathroom to apply my make-up.  I have chosen bright red lipstick to match the red fingernail and toenail polish that has already been applied.  I completely apply all my make-up and put on one my many wigs.  I choose my wig depending on my mood.  On this day I have chosen an auburn colored wig.  I also put on some more perfume.
    After my make-up is done, I return to the bedroom and finish putting on all the clothes I have chosen.  I then put on a pair of 5" pumps to top it all off.  A look in the mirror provides me with a view of a very sexy and slutty girl!
   I open a bottle of wine and to the computer I go.  I can be the sluttiest girl i want to be when I am on the computer.  I will drink and play on line for hours.  After I have played on line, I will take off all my make-up and clothes.  I will then put on a tap pant and camisole set for bed.  I am very tired by now, and know I will dream of my nice sissy night while I sleep.  When I wake up the next morning, I will lean over and get out my favorite toys and play with them as I relive my fun sissy night. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

panty wearing sissy 2

I am a sissy cock sucker!  All I can think about right now is dressing up real slutty and getting on my knees and sucking sissy cocks.  I want a sissy girl with a big fat cock to face fuck me and shoot hot cum all over my sissy face. Make me feel like a little pathetic panty wearing  sissy cock sucker!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

about me

I am a 50 year old sissy!!  I love to wear bras and panties and all types of lingerie.  When I am dressed in a bra and panty, I will also put on full make up and a wig.  When I am dressed, I get very horny!  I will go online to different sissy sites and have cyber sex!  I love to play with other sissies.  I am a sissy lezbian!  I also love to suck sissy clitties!  I have been practicing on my 8" dildo for many years.  When I am online I will try and have a hot 69 session with another sissy.  I am a bra and panty wearing sissy cock sucker!